Ther-Rx skips ACOG: the people have spoken. But can we do more?

I just returned from the annual conference of the American Congress of OB/GYN in Washington, DC. The first thing I did when I hit the exhibit hall was look for Ther-Rx and their display booth for Makena. I wanted to see what they were spending on their display and how many docs they were trying to take out for dinner. You know, if they were putting their anticipated profit to good use.

After walking the exhibit hall several times, I couldn’t find it. So, I asked an ACOG official. Apparently, ACOG advised Ther-Rx not to attend the meeting. Wow. I bet that’s a first.

I wonder if that would have happened without all the public pressure? If ACOG, the March of Dimes, and even the FDA would have been prodded into statements and actions without the groundswell of support from outraged parents, providers, and the public in general?

It seems that as far as progesterone is concerned, most providers will continue to prescribe compounded 17-OP and Makena may go the way of the Do Do bird.

But the absence of Ther-Rx at ACOG did give me cause to think. I mean, they are not the only pharmaceutical company to have obscenely priced products. To provide CEOs with hundreds of millions of dollars in salary and stock options while Americans go bankrupt trying to afford much needed medications (and also driving up the cost of health insurance).

If public pressure can impact one medication, why can’t we do the same for others and try to do something other governments seem able to do, but ours, seduced by Big Pharma lobbyists, are unable to accomplish? Insist on reasonable prices for prescription drugs?

We can be heard. We can make change. It just takes outrage and enough public pressure.

I’m open to suggestions for the next target!!!

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2 Responses to Ther-Rx skips ACOG: the people have spoken. But can we do more?

  1. none says:

    Do you think Big Pharma is making more money than :
    Your grocery store?
    HP, your printer maker?
    Dell computers?
    Las Vegas Casinos?
    Whole Foods?
    Your flower company?
    Martha Stewart?
    Oil companies?
    McDonald’s or Subway or etc…?
    Pharmaceuticals save lives.
    What do you do?
    Show me the data that Pharmaceuticals make more money than even the garbage companies, and I will agree with you.

  2. So here is the next outrage, Jen:

    “The first drug shown to prolong the lives of people with the skin cancer melanoma won approval from the Food and Drug Administration on Friday.

    The drug, Yervoy, was developed by Bristol-Myers Squibb and is a novel type of cancer drug that works by unleashing the body’s own immune system to fight tumors.

    “This is really the first time in the melanoma field that there is a drug that extended survival in a meaningful way,” said Dr. Gerald P. Linette, an assistant professor of medicine at Washington University in St. Louis, who participated in a clinical trial of the drug.

    In that randomized clinical trial, patients with metastatic melanoma treated with Yervoy lived a median of about 10 months, compared with 6.4 months for patients in a control group, who received a treatment believed to have had little effect.

    Bristol-Myers said it would charge $120,000 for a complete course of treatment, which consists of four infusions given over a three-month period.

    That price could spur continued debate about the cost of cancer drugs that prolong survival by only a few months on average.” (NY Times, March 25, 2011).

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