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What does replacing the word retarded with intellectual disability accomplish?

Another celebrity, this time Lady Gaga, is in trouble for using the word “retarded” out of context. Retarded is derived from the Latin, retardare and means a delay. This etymology helps to explain the appropriate medical use of the word: … Continue reading

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A lesson on perseverance from my son with cerebral palsy

Thump, thump, kerthump. Thump, thump, kerthump. There is a strange sound emanating from the hallway. It’s more of a series of sounds, of thuds, punctuated by an odd, louder noise. The hallway is narrow, not much room for a five-year-old … Continue reading

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The most important question to ask your doctor when a test is recommended

Many people think that tests (blood work, x-rays, scans, etc.) mean their doctor is doing something constructive and working hard to figure out what is wrong. But tests are a double-edged sword. When I trained most diagnoses were derived from … Continue reading

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Does IVF increase the risk of CP? Yes and no.

A study was released yesterday in the journal Human Reproduction about infertility therapies and the risk of cerebral palsy (CP). A lot of major news outlets jumped on the study, reporting that the risk of CP was more than doubled … Continue reading

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