Reflection on a recent hospital admission: It is all perspective

Oliver hospitalIt is 6 am and I have not slept much this night. Oliver has needed 4 nebulizers so far tonight. In the past 30 minutes has become very wheezy so we are doing back to back to back treatments.

And I am tired. I have not slept much for the past 5 nights when Oliver started getting sick. Within 24 hours he was spiking temps of 103 and 104. After 2 days when he hit 105.1 and had a respiratory rate of 50 I caved and took him to the ER where we were admitted. While the lab results were pending he was started on IV antibiotics to cover pneumonia, Tamiflu for influenza, albuterol and atrovent for his reactive airways, and IV fluids because he was too sick to drink and his fevers and mouth breathing left him dehydrated. He also needed oxygen at night because he was hypoxic while he slept. After 2 days the nasal swab PCR came back positive for RSV and the antibiotics and Tamiflu were stopped. By day 3 he was eating well enough and was off the oxygen so could go home on albuterol, atrovent, and chest physio every 4 hours.

And we have done this song and dance more often that I care to count.

However, this time I realized that it is really all perspective. Tweeting from the hospital (because what else can you do at 3 am when you are crammed in a hospital bed and can’t sleep?) I saw that Haiti was a trending topic and then later on found out about the devastation of the earthquake. The lack of basic medical care. No safe drinking water.

Things could be a lot worse.

And so today we will go back for a follow-up appointment. I hate having to go back the next day, but he is wheezing a fair bit, so someone should check him out. And we are so lucky that we have that option.

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2 Responses to Reflection on a recent hospital admission: It is all perspective

  1. Kristine brite says:

    So true. For all of the work the American health care system may or may not need, we are still privileged.

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