Learning tools for preemies: turning math into music

We have been working on money every night. I posted back in March about how this was posing a particular challenge for Oliver. Each night we spend 15 minutes (that seems like 15 hours) identifying and adding change change. We’re making headway, but Oliver has convinced himself that he can’t do it.

Each time the demon of self-doubt rears its ugly head, I go right back to the Pokémon analogy, that if he can remember Pikachu has iron tail (and every other freakin’ thing about that electric type Pokémon), then he can remember that a nickel is 5 cents.

We discussed his memory again, how he also knows the words and tune to almost every song that he hears. And once again I made my case for his brain being capable.

He argued that music and Pokémon are way more fun than math, that’s why he can remember those things. Math is boring.

“True enough”, was my response, “But we all have to do things we don’t like.”

He eyed me suspiciously. So I listed off a few of the billion or so things that I have to do each day that I don’t like.

And then Victor chimed in. We could make math into music. Maybe that would be more fun?

And so now we are singing this very short song every day, and we’ll see how it sticks.

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