Giving Thanks


Thanksgiving always means a lot of work. The prep. The cooking. Cajoling the boys to the table. The after meal movie (Fantastic Mr. Fox, and by the way we laughed out loud!). The clean up that seems to lastVictor turkey for 3 freakin’ days (how does a family of 4 make such a mess?).  And then the finale Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving.

While loading the dishwasher late last night, for quite possibly the 6 th time in less than 24 hours (and no Tony, I can’t use fewer dishes), I realized it was all worth it for the memories. I don’t have a lot of happy childhood holiday memories (and certainly nothing involving my mom dissolving into hysterics, or at least not the good kind of hysterics). But I can change that for my boys.

So here’s to hoping that Victor remembers waving his turkey leg around like King Henry the VIII and Oliver cherishes those moments in the kitchen when I squirted ReadiWhip directly from the can into his mouth over, and over, and over again.  Because I sure do and for me, it was the best Thanksgiving ever.

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