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Leaving the hospital without your baby

Before things went wrong I had mapped out a scene from our future.  I think every parent does. Whether it is your baby’s first smile, how you will look pushing your baby in a stroller, or taking your child to … Continue reading

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Important car seat info for preemies

To leave the NICU you need a car seat, specifically a car seat that will not affect your baby’s oxygen level while keeping them safe from injury. The problem is car seats, like just about everything else, are designed for … Continue reading

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Eating right is vital for parents of preemies

When your baby is in the NICU, the last thing you think about is yourself. In fact, that’s how is is for a long time. When your baby is sick, you grab a bite here or there, or maybe you … Continue reading

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View From The Bay August 5th, ABC channel 7 at 3 pm

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Predicting outcomes for extremely premature babies

Remember, this information is not direct medical advice. When you are at risk for delivering prematurely between 22 and 25 weeks it is very hard for doctors to predict outcomes. It is actually difficult to make predictions for preemies in … Continue reading

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The heaviness of July, the breath of Hades

July 4th is always hard for me. It was the last day of normal, the before time. I was still pregnant with triplets planning a life with three boys, expecting a c-section at 35 weeks or so. All neat and … Continue reading

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